Did you know that under current legislation, the Consumer Rights Act 2015 made it a legal requirement for every lettings agent in England to display whether or not they are a member of a Client Money Protection (CMP) scheme? Well you do now, and we’re proud to announce that we are!

Just to clarify that point, a letting agent must clearly display whether they are or are not part of the scheme and need to let you know if your rent paid to their account is protected or not. Failure to do this means they are operating unlawfully. How many letting agents have you come across that don’t display this information? What other laws are they breaking? Is it really worth taking that sort of risk?

Don’t get caught out by non compliant agents. It’s only a disaster waiting to happen and could cause you serious financial hardship if things don’t go to plan and you can’t get your money. Look for the CMP logo, if you can’t see it perhaps you want to find another letting agent where you can see it without having to ask. You know, like a fully compliant letting agent.

While we could have opted not to go for CMP, we decided to voluntarily subscribe to this service to show off our confidence and let you know we do things properly. The great news is that now you don’t only have to take our word for it, CMP also guarantees your money too. You can call them directly at any time to verify our status and check the level of cover offered to you.

Just for your added peace of mind, here’s a copy of our actual certificate.



We’ve done all of this for you, to keep you protected, satisfied and to give you that extra peace of mind.

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