Services for Buyers

Buyers need Estate Agents just as much as the Seller does. You need to make sure your interests are fully protected and your'e not getting sold something that doesn't quite fit your requirements. There are many factors to consider and it can all seem very daunting, especially if you're new to this process. We aim to transform this entire journey in to one of excitement and success through offering our services for Buyers below.



Jane Smith

Property Finding Services

With a variety of resources at our disposal, we can reach more properties than you may realise. Just leave your property requirements with us and we'll do the searching for you. Whether it's residential or commercial, big or small, we're sure to find something that will interest you.


Jane Smith


If you're struggling to arrange the finance for the purchase of a property, but you feel your are confident that you have the capacity to commit to such a transaction, call us today to arrange a meeting where you will be furnished with all the knowledge you need to enter into a financial arrangement with a lender. Checkmate Estates have retained Mortgage Brokers that are competent and experienced at what they do, who are more than capable of obtaining the finance package that suits your circumstances. More information on government-backed schemes for purchasers can be found here.If you are interested in finding out the Stamp Duty Land Tax rates, click here to find out more.


Jane Smith

Legal Aspects

Once you have found a property that you want to put an offer on, we can engage Solicitors to deal with the transaction on your behalf. Checkmate Estates are proud to have such strong relations with a professional team of Solicitors and Conveyancers to help you with all your property needs and more. Their 'Total Business Solutions' and 'Total Life Solutions' are sure to help you will all aspects of your life where legal advice is needed. Enquire further and call us to set up an appointment so we can get them to help you with all your legal needs.