Full Property Management – 12% + VAT (14.4% inc VAT)

Pre-instruction requirements

By signing our Agreement, you warrant that the following conditions, where applicable, have been met:

Sub-letting – if you are a tenant or leaseholder yourself:

  • the intended Tenancy is permitted by the terms of your lease;
  • the intended Tenancy is for a period not exceeding that of your lease less one day;
  • your landlord’s written permission is obtained for the sub-letting.

Mortgages – where the Property is the subject of a mortgage or other legal charge:

  • the mortgagee or proprietor of the legal charge has given its consent to the Tenancy.


  • you have adequate buildings and (if necessary) contents insurance for the purposes of the Tenancy.

Fire Regulations/Health & Safety:

  • furnishings, heating and all other installations and equipment conform to all relevant statutory requirements and codes of conduct.

Fittings & Equipment:

  • all equipment provided with the Property is in good working order prior to the commencement of the Tenancy.