Services for Landlords

Here you will find just some of the services we can offer you as a Landlord in order to give you peace of mind with the Letting of your property(ies). Regardless of the package you require, we will give you a bespoke service which is second to none in this industry. Call us today for more information regarding the Letting of your property(ies), or request a callback through our website.

Jane Smith

Letting Introduction

As a Landlord, you may have certain preferences as to the type of tenants occupying your property. We understand the level of care for your property that you expect from your tenants and we take this into account with paramaount importance which is why we take extra time in making sure the tenants we suggest to you have successfully passed a variety of checks before the Tenancy Agreement is signed.

Jane Smith

Rent Collection

As with Tenancy Introduction, we ensure that you are fully satisfied with the tenant that will be occupying your property and offer to collect rent on your behalf. We understand how stressful this task alone can be at times which is why we will do it for you, saving you numerous phonecalls and time.

Jane Smith

Full Property Management

Our Full Property Management services offer you the full range of services we have to offer including Rent Collection. Should anything go wrong with your property, we will be the first port of call for the tenant and resolve all issues on your behalf. We will politely inform you if these situations arise and let you know that we have it under control.This is a completely stress free way of being a Landlord, so why not?

Jane Smith


Checkmate Estates have build up an extensive rapport of clients, contractors, subcontractors and more. We literally have anything and everything covered when it comes to property maintenance, refurbishments, extensions, constructions and so on. No job is too small or too big for us.Any works that you need doing to your property prior to renting or even during a tenancy, let us know and we will most certainly arrange a quote for your works at your earliest convenience.